Friday, February 4, 2011

Babies are such a nice way to start people

I read that on a card once....babies are a nice way to start people. And it really is true. They are so sweet. My girlfriend had her first baby on February 2nd. She had a bumpy pregnancy with lots of nausea but I think it was all well worth it. I through her a shower just in time (last Sunday!) and the little one came on Wednesday.
I snuck over to her house and decorated her porch to properly welcome her little bundle of joy home for the very first time.

My mom helped me make the banner with her can find them on her blog.

My girlfriend was surprised and now the neighborhood knows there a new little one on the block...and did I mention she's adorable:)


  1. You're so sweet. What a nice "baby warmning".

  2. Linda - so glad I found your Blog - you are just downright cool : )


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