Friday, February 4, 2011

Today is ride numero 2

As I get ready for today's ride, I have been thinking about how far I've come. I've said it before but I don't come from the most athletic family. My dad ran cross-country in high school (they say he was pretty awesome) and my mom's claim to fame was badminton. Really, badminton. Which for the record NOT a sport. Oh and she was a sign holder for the band (which is more of a modeling thing in my mind), again not a sport:) Sorry mom, you did not play a sport in highschool.
Anyways, I played a little bit of basketball, a little water polo, maybe a short venture with volleyball, and then a little track in high school. I was never great at any of them. I was way more the social butterfly with student council and assembly planning. And of course I snowboarded:)
But now I look at the last couple of years and I can say I run, bike, snowboard and a consistent basis. Or at least I try. I think my mind and body have transitioned from making myself do these things, to loving them.
I can now not go longer than a week max without doing one of them. And I really think it's important that you have friends and people in your life that will do them with you. Mr. Big Dog is pretty athletic himself, which I love. There is something really great about going on a run with boyfriend or snowboarding:) And he decided to start his own blog about his xtra-curriculars....I already told him I don't want to be on his nifty camera too much:)
This is his first blog and I think he's off to a great start:) but I am a little bias...he is my Mr. Big Dog after all.

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