Monday, January 10, 2011

I owned 3 hotels and all the railroads

This weekend was a blast. Lots of fun with skiing, hot tubing, and just relaxing by the fire. It's funny how board games as adults are even more fun than you remember them as a kid. I never remember really liking Monopoly. Actually I remember it as the longest game on the planet, taking too much time and never getting to the purchase of a hotel. Growing up we never made it very far into the game, probably due to our lack of budgeting and becoming too broke too early in the game and then having to claim bankruptcy at twelve years old:( But this weekend playing with Mr. Big Dog, my sister and her CFO husband took Monopoly to the next level. It really is a great game.
I, being the only non business major or minded player, actually didn't do too terrible. But I did lose to Mr. Big Dog:( and for the record I would have won if some shady dice rolling had not occurred......(you know it's true! and I am not a poor sport:) )It just was really fun to do something (like play Monopoly) that I haven't done in a very very long time. My love for skiing is rekindled, maybe Monopoly will become an new addiction, and hot tubs are on my new-old favorite list of things that make me smile. I guess this weekend was a reminder of the simple things that make life great....and boy did I needed that reminder:)


  1. So glad you had a wonderful time. I always thought Monopoly was too much more like "homework" than a game. Obviously I wasn't much good at it as a kid either.

  2. Cute! Glad you had a good getaway. :)


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