Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is why we can't have nice things

So remember I have the most blissful relaxing looking slip covered sofa? You can see it here.....
Well last night after the slipcover had been washed and cleaned and put nicely back on the sofa frame I sat there enjoying the pure whiteness and beauty of it. I love a clean house and due to my busy-ness lately, my house has been anything but clean. I just want a couple days off to clean and organize it all.
Anyways, back to the visual. Beautiful white sofa, clean white sofa, perfect white sofa. Now enter little furry canine with muddy feet from backyard. As he slipped through my hands I actually screamed "Noooooooo" in slow motion. "Noooooo" as he slipped and shimmied all over my white sofa, kicking his feet back and forth to make sure every single piece of dirt was off of him and onto the sofa.
I have NEVER been so infuriated in my life.
So back to the wash....
This is why a white sofa is beautiful but not at all practical, and my dog seems to hate me this week:(


  1. Oh dear - guess Vinny is in the dog house for sure, eh? Maybe you can buy a tarp and use it when it's just you and your doggies are home. Remove it when company visits. Bet Vinny won't like that slick feeling of a tarp on his paws and stay off the sofa. You think?


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