Thursday, January 5, 2012

God giving me strength

I can see how far I've come with how I deal with stress and obstacles in my life almost on a daily basis. But this past 2 weeks at work I have been overwhelmed by how life can change over night for someone.
I am taking care of a woman very close to my age, who shares a lot of my same dreams and goals, and the difference is she has been fighting for her life since right before Christmas.
I have been on the emotional roller coaster right aside her family. I have been in the hospital bed with her using empathy. I have cried with her and I have cried at home by myself.
It has been ROUGH to put it very mildly.
I have prayed to God more this week than I have my whole life all together. I am praying for her and I am praying for strength to help her and her family.
She will survive but her life will be forever changed. She will not be the person physically she was when she came into the hospital, and I can only imagine how this can change her mentally.

Her spirit is amazing, her smile lights up the room, and her husband and family are right there to support her.
I know none of us know why things like this happen, there is no justification and it's just not fair. But I do know she will forever be part of me, and she has reminded me like a tornado on my doorstep that you can loose almost everything over night. God is powerful, he can do anything he wants but he also knows how to give you strength when you don't see it possible.
I can't get into the details of my patient for obvious reasons, but seriously don't take your body for granted. Don't take your family and friends for granted. Don't take this life for anything but what it truly is.............. a gift.


  1. I hope she's doing better now. My prayers are with her.

  2. I have so enjoyed viewing the pictures of your wedding through your mother's posts. It was so beautiful, and you have such a flair, just like your mom! How wonderful to find YOUR blog now! I just commend you for your devotion to your friend and her family. Your love, shown through your prayers, visits, kind words and gestures have been used by God in greater measure than you might realize, giving her strength to face another day of enduring a trial she wasn't prepared for. I pray God continues to heal her body ,mind and soul and give her a fresh determination to live life to the fullest in whatever capacity she is able. A true friend is a great reward in this lifetime, and you are that to her, most certainly.


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