Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Update on mass transit...

Well I have been taking the bus like I said I would. I did end up driving two days out of 7, and those just happen to be the days I was 10 mins late. I guess depending on the bus really makes you more organized and on time.
I don't think to the naked eye you can tell I am a newbie to the big blue and white bus, but then again I am a newbie.

I do know that I gave a couple fellow mass transit riders some comic relief the other day.

Picture this: It is pouring. Raining so hard I thought it might just be Armageddon or a tsunami hitting Portland, Oregon. I was coming out of my last training class with my IPhone in hand. There is this dandy little app you can use to see the bus schedule and it even counts down to the bus arrival/departure time. So I was on a mission because the countdown was at 2 mins, and it even turns red. Oh how I didn't want to wait for the next bus, because this one I like comes only every 30 mins.

So back to the visual. Me distracted with the iPhone app, briskly walking in the pouring rain towards the bus stop up at the hospital. Then I see it, the bus I am needing. Oh no! I don't want to miss it! This is all going on in my my head mind you.
Staying out in the downpour for 30 more mins was not what I wanted, so now I start running. As I am running in the pouring rain, I was oblivious to the 30 something people in the line on the sidewalk near this special bus. As I got closer I realized the bus was not leaving and the all the people were not just standing there for fun. They had just gotten off the bus because it was BROKEN DOWN.
So these 30 people just watched me run to a broken down bus. I think everyone got a good laugh, even myself as I joined the line;) I think everyone could tell I was a newbie then for sure!

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