Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

So today for the first time maybe ever....I went snowboarding on Thanksgiving. It was great! The company, the weather, just to be not at work was all great.

And I packed us a Thanksgiving picnic:) Who says you can't have Thanksgiving while skiing?

The Menu:
Turkey sandwiches
(fresh turkey cut at New Seasons deli to sandwich size slices just had to ask with a smile)
Cranberry/Horseradish sauce on the sandwich (a recipe I got online)
Sweet Potato chips- again I love New Seasons and they are supposed to be healthier
Butternut squash soup preheated and stored in a Thermos (which stayed really hot for 5 hours)

And last but not pumpkin pies that I did actually make myself. I even brought extra and gave a couple out to some young girls nearby in exchange for some picture taking:)
We were at the legendary, straight from "The Shining" movie, Timberline Lodge.
So.....who doesn't want to eat their fabulous picnic in the beautiful lodge? And even though Mr. Big Dog stressed several times that he did not think you were suppose to bring outside food in, I of course just kept walking towards and into the lodge. What's the worst thing that could happen? I'll order a hot coco and they'll let us eat in the beautiful lodge for sure right?
So I have assembled the deluxe turkey sandwiches, soup is poured, bite in mouth when this manager looking guy (probably not however...just a bitter guy who had to work Thanksgiving at Timberline Lodge) comes up and says "outside food is not allowed in the lodge. " Mr. Big Dog of course was right, but due to Thanksgiving and a plea the manager did let us stay:)

So we had a blast! And even though we can never repeat our picnic legally due to lodge rules. I can't wait to go again.
It's fun to think outside the box about your menu and really make it special:)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I am so thankful for everyone and today:)

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  1. I LOVE hearing about Timberline Lodge. Our family lived in Vancouver, WA for 6 years. We enjoyed going up Mt. Hood to hike, ski, and marvel at the beauty of nature and ability of hands to build such an amazing building! (not to mention the artisans that built the furniture, etc.) Thanks for a glimpse into your fun and unique T-Day there! :)


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