Saturday, November 6, 2010

Doggie day

Mr. Big dog was nice enough to let my three furry children and my mom's Big Yellow Dog (BYD) all come over for a visit today. While he finished some yard chores I decided to take on the challenge of walking them all. AT THE SAME TIME!
That is 5 dogs, one being Mr. Big dog's Saint Bernard. Look how small my mom's yellow lab looks next to him:) Honestly the hardest one to control was BYD, sorry mom he has issues on a leash.
Anyway, they are all good and tired now and I was asked if I were a dog walker 3 times. 5 dogs are way too many to have in a house at one time, but when they are good and is so much nicer.


  1. funny! We got family pics done today with our 4 dogs! They are all just like kids!

  2. You're so good with those dogs! (What on earth are you talking about MY Moose having leash issues?!)

    Your Mama


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