Saturday, November 27, 2010

I want to work at a Christmas Tree lot

This may be a stupid fantasy, but I have always said I thought it would be fun to have a Christmas Tree farm and sell Christmas trees in the winter. I can just picture myself with one of my cute flower beanies and hot chocolate in hand helping someone pick the perfect tree.

I haven't given into the fake tree craze mainly because I love the way Christmas trees smell. I don't mind the mess or my dogs trying to drink the tree water as long as I can smell that tree after a long day at work. I think of it as an even trade I guess.
And I love sitting in the dark looking at the tree all lit up, it makes me so happy.

I got to indulge a little today because... this year I actually know someone with an adorable Christmas tree lot. Mr. Big dog's brother and wifey are selling trees!

Isn't their barn adorable with the wreaths all over it?!! After seeing how well they have things organized and perfectly set up, I began to realize more how my fantasy is a bit fanciful with all the hard work they have done to get the place in order. I probably wouldn't be sipping hot coco warming my hands by the fire as I waited for customers but rather I'd have to lift 200lbs trees while making sure all the lights are still working. I've always wanted a pair of carhartts anyway so I'm going to keep my fantasy with a slight wardrobe adjustment.

Going into a busy work week I plan to get my tree from them next weekend:) I didn't want to look at a naked tree all week in my family room. I'm looking forward to playing some Christmas music with a cup of cider or hot coco, on a relaxing weekend evening while I put up decorations with smell of a fresh cut noble fur in my living room.

But if you live in the Portland/Lake Oswego can get a beautiful tree from them.

Jacobsen's Christmas Tree Farm
4756 Carmen Dr.
Lake Oswego, Or 97035


  1. Bet that is truly a lot of work on the tree farm. I see wreaths hanging. Do they both make the wreaths? Great pics.

  2. girl, i grew up on a christmas tree farm (and we still work on it everyday this time of year). it's a lot of work, but rewarding. :-)

  3. you truly are your mothers child......Merry Merry sweet Lindsey.


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