Tuesday, July 27, 2010

There are nice people out there :) they work at Jamba Juice

My girlfriend is in her first trimester and is oh so sick. Really sick. I am talking, she takes sick to another level and really makes childbearing not look fun at all. She hasn't been eating much due to her constant nausea, and even sleep is rare with her relentless feeling of an empty or nauseous stomach.
I have been trying to find something she can eat pretty much every other day when I see her. It is a challenge, but I found a fruit smoothie usually appeals to her and she can keep it down which is a plus for obvious reasons.

Last week she was just trying to make it through her morning and needed a ride to work due to her queasiness. I offered to drive her and planned on picking up a tall fruit filled breakfast smoothie for her on my way.

I hate being late or really even on time. I like being a couple minutes early. So I was supposed to be at her house a 7 am. At 6:45 I was pulling into Jamba Juice for the little piece of relief heaven. As I was squinting from my car I realized they didn't open until 7 am.
Inner dialogue: "What am I going to do? I hate being late and they aren't open yet! Don't they know there are pregos out there that can only eat their smoothies?!"
Then this nice employee saw me (probably having my inner dialogue and looking distressed) from the window and flagged me in!
"Oh yes! I won't be late and I'll be able to get her a smoothie." Inside I rushed. I told the sweet guy behind the counter about how my prego friend and I owed him for opening his doors early. And as I am saying this I realized I did not have my wallet......

How many times it this going to happen? I get in such a hurry, and yes I am on time or early but I forget half of myself at home. Again he was beyond sweet and insisted I was good for it and that I could come back and pay later. Again inner dialogue: "What? Are you kidding? When was the last time someone gave you something for nothing? And just believed you would come back to pay later? " This is so rare. And so refreshing. I mean, it may seem small but he did something big. He was a nice guy. And it does seem this nice guy phenomenon is harder and harder to find but I saw it with my own eyes! So I know it's out there.
Most of my friends say this stuff only happens to me but I know that is not the case. One of my girlfriends was in a Starbucks drive-through line last week and the car in front of her bought her coffee. How nice is that? It makes you feel good and makes you want to do better for someone else. I am not saying you have to buy someone something, maybe just taking one of your extra cupcakes you made a for party over to your little old lady neighbor. Or trimming back you neighbors bush when you are out doing your own yard. Sometimes just saying hi to a stranger might be just what that person needed to have a little better day and a little easier time with whatever they maybe dealing with in their own life.

The next day I stopped by again, paid for my smoothies 24 hours later, and left him a little card for his niceness. And I plan to pay it forward somehow....being nice can be contagious, especially when it is from someone you don't know well or even at all .


  1. That so nice, makes you feel good all over!


  2. Great post...I love this kinda stuff!!!

  3. I laughed out loud at this one. Seriously, you have the craziest things happen to you DAILY!

  4. Great post - I read it when you wrote it - but OMG - I love your new banner/picture! Gorgeous picture of you - SO sweet and perfect. YOU GO GIRL! :)

  5. You won't believe this. Before I got to the sentence stating you had NOT brought your wallet with you, the thought ran through my mind "hope she has her wallet". Lo and behold, you didn't let me down. Suggestion: Put your keys AND wallet in the fridge at night. You won't be able to go anywhere until you open that magic door.
    THE DRESS - Oh yeah! It looks absolutely gorgeous on you. Smart buy my little Pal! Love all the pics your mom took.
    Love you this much (--------------------------)


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