Thursday, July 29, 2010

Concrete legs

Sometimes when I have had a bad night where I just can't sleep or a bad day filled with emotional drain and exhausting thinking, I swear my legs turn into concrete stumps I can barely lift when I try to run. Other times, when I am restless and frustrated beyond belief I feel as light as a feather and like I could run for miles and hours.
Today was a concrete day. I felt like I had a ton of bricks strapped to my back. I didn't want to be by myself for even one minute. And I was snappy and agitated most of my day, yeah a real peach to be around:)
Tonight I found myself exhausted from the day long struggle in my mind, but mentally restless. So I went to this concert out at Sauvie's Island with a friend. It's at the Kruger Farm which is beautiful. It smelled earthy and the sun was setting as the band played. Kids were running everywhere and people had brought their own picnics. I tried to mentally relax and take it all in, but found myself still anxious and really not thinking I wanted to be there.

Then I saw this sunflower. Like it was put there just for me. And all the bricks just fell away and the concrete melted off my legs. I felt calm and relaxed. I guess I just needed to see something to remind me I am not alone in this huge world. There is something out there so much larger... And he makes a pretty fabulous sunflower sometimes just for me:)

1 comment:

  1. Good for you for being so open to some of God's creations. We have so many of his creations surrounding us that sometimes we do not appreciate them until that special moment when He opens our eyes and heart. It is such a great healing moment. Keep your eyes and heart open for more.


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