Sunday, July 18, 2010

I have found my fridge is looking very empty, depleted, vacant, drained....maybe even kind of ghostly. All of these words can also accurately describe how I have been emotionally feeling this week.
It's intriguing to me how emotions can affect us so physically. I don't eat but I can run for hours, which just shows how the mind is much stronger than the body. It is as if my body and mind have just gone into survival mode, where you really only need the bare necessities and that is primarily family and great friends.
So to remedy this problem I hang out with my favorite little man, my nephew Carter, who feeds me animal crackers, goldfish and anything else he can find....he's great therapy on my tough days...

How can you stay too sad with that face??


  1. He is adorable.

    I randomly found you and follow you. Just wanted you to know!

    I wish I could share half my fridge with you. I cook all of the time so I have pretty much anything you could possibly want in our fridge.

  2. Yep - Mr C certainly can make you feel fresh and alive. His precious smile can just melt your heart. I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs a periodical "Carter fix".

    As for the fridge - well, it's okay that it's only a little full. Eating out with loved friends is a heck of a lot more fun. Time will settle things down and you'll be back to your wonderful cooking. Don't forget I'll be coming up there next month.

    Love you this much (--------------------).

  3. But your fridge is clean. hahaha I wouldn't share a pic of mine no way, now how....

  4. That's just it, you CAN'T. He's just too stinkin' cute....and I'm not only saying that 'coz I'm his Gramma Cupcake.

    Your Mama

  5. Just love your shoes , and you are a beautiful girl , life will get happier . you have wonderful family to alwayls hold your hand


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