Friday, July 30, 2010

My Furry Children

Most of you probably have one dog. I have three. Three! This is a blessing and a curse. Look at them, they are so cute. And you know that saying about how owners look like their dog(s), I do think they all look like me just differently:)
But seriously, they are so much responsibility. When you want to leave town, or even walk them it becomes three times as hard. And now with my single status I realize how much more work it is without a partner. Each of my dogs has a story, each is a mutt, and each was a rescue type of situation. I ended up with three because one was his, not due to some compulsive hoarding disorder.

Hoffa is the largest on the far left. I don't even know how old she is but her family was going to take her to the pound because they were moving:( So she ended up living with us. She came with her name and for years all I could think of was "Jimmy Hoffa" but thanks to the Internet I goggled Guam and Hoffa (which is where the original owners got her) and it means hello. Still not great but I'll take it. I tried for weeks to change it to Martha, I would say Martha with the same pitch as Hoffa but she wouldn't buy it. So Hoffa she stayed. She is overweight but seems to hallucinate with any sort of diet I put her on, but god love her she is lazy and sweet.
Next, front and center in Vinny aka Vincent VanGogh or Vinniachendo. I have had him 10 years. My mom and sister saw him in a pet store window when I was in college and decided he HAD to be mine. He is kind of a crank with his old age and my family thinks he has "people eyes" and looks quite human like. I think he may be a reincarnated old man, and sometimes I swear he watches me changing my clothes....hmmmmm.
Ruby is last but not least on the far right. She's my baby at six years young. So much energy! She is great after a run but without exercise she will run laps around the other two and drive me nuts. She was at the pound labor day when we stopped by to "just look" (note to self and all you out there...never stop at the pound unless you are planning on taking a dog home, because you will take a dog home). She was all scroungy and abused, and her big eyes just looked at me and I couldn't say no. This was before our households joined so I had my two and he had two. We found a new home for one but this little pack has been together now for over three years.
They march around together and chase everything out of my yard. They follow me all around my 980 square foot cottage, anytime I move they move. It's just seeming to be getting more and more chaotic and I am getting stressed with my inability to do it all, all the time. But what do you do? Do you try to find one a new home? How do you pick? They are like my I don't think I can even think of it. But then if I had a dream home for one of them and I mean DREAM home and visitation rights it might be better all for us all.
Any advice out there? As for now I am one woman with some would say too many dogs, but on the other hand lots of love from each wet furry nose:)


  1. Just don't see you giving up any of them - even to a wonderful new home. Just don't get anymore furry friends, unless you would like Hobo to join your herd. Just kidding about Hobo. He's my weird companion. Maybe he and Ruby would have a ball playing together.

  2. What is it with you Buxton's? Do you just have an enate talent for writing. (Wasn't sure how to spell enate, so I looked it up - kinsman related on one's mother's side). Wow, is that phrophetic or what?
    I love reading your little stories. One door closes, and another opens. God is good!

  3. I think that's just your mental and emotional fatigue talking. What I learned from going through my divorce, was to never ever make any important decisions when you're tired. It's too much of an altered state. Your heart would never let you split of the pack, and your furry children would miss each other. :) Ciao, Maria


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