Thursday, July 29, 2010

By now you've seen my new banner! My mom's photography could make a paper bag beautiful! She's good!
She even took cute pics of my shoes!

You've seen my running shoes, which are self explanatory....not too fashionable, even though I did ask the guy at the specialized running store if they had cuter. You should have seen his face after he passionately made me try on 6 different pairs and encouraged me to "feel" which one "felt" right. He was appalled and just said "no those are the ones you like and there are no other colors" which I love because they are like running on clouds:)

My other shoes are less function and more fun! I have my kid at heart Converse, which I find classic and fun. Have you seen all the new colors they have out? And you could match your kids too! My nephew Carter was wearing his little red ones the other day as I had worn my black pair and I must say, it was fun to match him.

Then there are my boots. I love them! I am actually dying for a red pair but I got these babies at Goodwill for 10 bucks last summer. They make any dress a little spicier and fun!

And then, I have tons of heels and wedges but I just got this flirty pair in D.C. You can wear them with dresses, shorts, or jeans and they just kick it up a notch ;)

I love dressing up but I also love being comfortable...
Do you need a pair of converse or boots? They may change your look a little, but they'll also put a little pizzazz in your step:)


  1. Cute shoes! I think you are beautiful... Love your Mom and her blog, and you are now on my blogroll too! You have the gift--- Sorry about the ex-husband pain... I have done that, too... My biggest regret it that I didn't let myself get over it faster... I felt we had a love that was more than love kind of thing.... So I was glad to read your beach post!

  2. Oh sweetie, we all NEED shoes - lots of them. Yours are soooooooo cute.


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