Thursday, September 22, 2011

Unrealistic expectations?

Well I am not going to lie. I have unrealistic expectations most of the time. There I said it!
This is a good and bad quality. For example, I always think I can do more than I can and end up disappointed that I didn't get it all done. But on a positive note, I am a little too optimistic with this as well (which is sometimes nice). I know everyone can not always be on their best behavior me included, and I give forgiveness quickly...don't hold a grudge really ever...and can kiss and make up quicker than anyone I personally know:)

But lately I wonder.......when is it that you are expecting too much from someone else, or setting too high of expectations vs letting someone walk all over you?

I feel like a quality I have, and also huge part of my character is this ability to forgive quickly and give second chances often. Sometimes third and forth chances even, okay maybe endless forgiveness and chances.

But when is enough ENOUGH? When are you able to be okay with yourself saying "no more." Why if I feel like enough is enough, do I have this pit in my stomach about it? Why does it bother me and keep me tossing and turning at night about it? Is it that I want to make others happy? Is it that I don't want to be the "bad guy"?
Then on the other end, how much more can I handle? How much more disappointment due to my expectations (whether realistic or not) can I endure? When am I just enabling and encouraging disappointment?

I know, I know.....a lot of questions without a lot of answers. I guess when I sit here tonight I am really thinking about this fork in the road.....and would love some up above guidance about it.
But I know there is not a single right answer, it's a mixture of mind and heart.
And in the end, I know whatever decision I decide to go with will be the right one for me......which is very realistic indeed.


  1. What?! WHO's walking all over you?!

    Your Mama

  2. Everyone isn't like us nor should they be. We have to keep on loving and accept those that have chosen a different path. Perhaps those chosen paths of others have steered them in a different directions for a reason. We do not have to join them as we are on our own path. We can choose to meet with them at an intersection and enjoy the brief interlude but we should feel no guilt for their choices in life nor put the guilt on ourselves. It is not our job to carry all the burdens of another as we have enough of our own. God is always driving the bus and he takes care of us all.

  3. Wow, GG is a wise wise woman. Not sure what the situation is but being a people pleaser at the expense of ourselves is not a good choice. We all hate to hurt other people, or let them down, but in the long run it is a kinder decision for everyone.


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