Sunday, September 11, 2011

Alarming oven = no baking;(

Well, with the big move into Mr. Big Dog's house, we together have found a couple "need to fix" projects. Ever since my first time over, the oven has been on the fritz. Now for a single bachelor this might not be a big deal, but you know I like to bake and it has become kind of a sore spot in our eating habits. You don't realize how much you use an oven until you just don't have one.
Being Ms. Fix it, I did give a valiant effort to repairing the oven sensor via web searching, wiki answers, and a trip to an appliance repair store....however it still alarmed when it hit 350 degrees and then shuts itself off:( And even though I replaced a burner coil, it was still not working:( I started to fantasize about a gas stove, but they don't have gas in our neighborhood (and yes I called the gas company....) so I started to dream about a new oven......

This purchase was not something we wanted to take lightly. They just don't make things like they use to and we don't want to spend a lot of money without doing our research. We discussed options, ideas, craigslist, and in the end decide we are staying in this house for awhile and would like an appliance that is going to work well and look nice;)

Appliance shopping was actually our date night a couple Fridays ago. I know, I know, so romantic...but really I think I can officially have fun doing ANYTHING with MBD:) He just has that affect on me;)

Back to our search, we had done our research on consumer (I don't recommend that website at you have to $$$ for it) and then looked at websites.
We found a great deal at a local appliance chain, got our prices and fell in love with the entire set (stove, micro hood, dishwasher)....our jaws dropped at the grand total. Funny how as an adult you like spending money on these more useful lasting things, but no one wants to spend a lot of money on anything us included.
Well after picking up our jaws, we headed to dinner to discuss our pro/con list. And of course we had to shop around prices so we then headed to Sears.
MBD then promptly warned the Sears appliance salesman: "buddy watch out because she is going to work you over." I of course smiled:) and started in with my quotes from the competitor.
This lead to three days calling and talking between Sears and the other guys:) And in the end we feel we got the best deal, did our research and worked great as a team to get what we really wanted. Sears all the way, they definitely have the best warranty/protection plan for sure!!!

And look at the before and after pretty and I am really breaking them in tonight with a family dinner. I can't wait;)


  1. Dinner (and the company!) was yummy!Thanks so much for having us!

    Your appliances look great too...
    Your Mama

  2. WOW - Looks great! Heard through the "grapevine" that dinner was delicious. Knew it would be.


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