Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Autumn in the air

Even though the weather is still in the nineties here in the beautiful pacific northwest, you can feel fall coming. It's just a different smell, a different kind of wind, a little colder air in the early morning:) I don't know what it really is but you can just feel it. I remember back to the past falls and I have to say I wasn't' really excited for them. I actually dreaded summer leaving and wished it would always stay a little longer. This season is different. I was remember last fall with our picnic to sparrow watch:) And all of our evenings sitting talking by the fire. So maybe that's why I am excited for this fall. Excited for the weather to turn and start baking and cooking soups. I am also starting to think of fall house projects to tackle and how to dress up our home's front porch.
Growing up my mom always decorated for the seasons throughout the house. This included the front porch being covered in pumpkins. I have found so many awesome ideas on Pinterest lately!!! It's actually my new more to come;)


  1. I am with you, so ready for Fall!! The weather is so beautiful here. Supposed to be back in the nineties next week, but I'm crossing my fingers!

  2. I am SO ready for autumn too! That porch or yours is gonna be amazing!
    Your mama


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