Friday, September 9, 2011

A sister to be proud of....

I know being the older sister, I am suppose to be the more mature and really be that have your stuff more "together" one. However, in my family it has always been my sister who has been the more sensible, organized, planner, and realistic one. I'm the more scattered, take the hard road with all the red flags screaming stop, and speak before I think one of the family. She has been not only my sister but my best friend for years. She sees everything in a better light, and has really helped me through a lot in my life. So to say she was amazing already would be an understatement. I have envied her life over the past 4 years especially with my her awesome little family she has started. I really feel blessed to be part of her life and to have her as someone so close to me.

However, now she has earned sainthood. She has done something I honestly don't know if I ever could have done. She has loved a little man without even knowing him, she has opened her arms and life to someone who needed it most. She has fundraised for Ghana's orphaned children and big heartedly been change in this world we live in and made a huge difference in a person's life. She has shown patience and trust in God, even when really frustrated, through the entire past year waiting for everything to fall into place. The waiting has been the hardest part I think and she has used her frustration for things like silent auctions, presentations to organizations for donations, and blogging with other adoptive families out in cyberspace. She conquered her own adoptive marathon over the past year without any training, she just rocked though it.

So I am over joyed and happy to tell you all my new nephew has arrived! It has been a whorl wind four days since he arrived after a year of waiting...all the way from Ghana, Africa. I was able to get the day off of work to be at the airport for his arrival. He came toddling down the corrordor with my sister and her husband and it will be forever a beautiful memory burned in my mind. Just seeing my new nephew for the first time coming into Portland and really being here was breath taking. The life and possibilities that lie ahead of him, the excitement of having a new family member is just amazing.
Coen Kwasi Roberts is here, and my sister is the mother of the year in my book. My mom has talked a little bit about it here as well.
She is not naive, she is prepared for the struggles that can come with adoption but geeze she makes it look flawless and easy. She just amazes me and I am so proud of her and her husband Chris, they are role models on how to love without reserve and really do things to impact others in our world.
Did I tell you SHE IS MY SISTER???? I just love her to pieces:)


  1. Oh my goodness. You are nuts. I'm not a saint - ask my husband :) It was a stressful year, but completely worth it and you know that there is no way that our little family could work without all of your love and support. Wasn't it you who dropped ALL your plans to take Carter berry picking when I had a complete meltdown after my babysitter flaked the day before my trip to Ghana? Talk about a saint. love you!

  2. I couldn't be more proud of ANY of my kiddos! You are ALL incredible people, and I still sometimes scratch my head trying to figure out where you all got such amazing traits.

    Your mama


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