Monday, June 27, 2011

Reckless with responsibility.....

Sometimes I have these fleeting thoughts and moments where I just don't want to be an adult with responsibilities anymore. I want to play, have someone else cook for me, and not pay a single bill. I want to run off on vacation and not worry about whose going to watch my dogs. I want to let go of everything and just take off.
Today for some reason I really had this urge...and for some reason I was missing Reno. Missing the hot summer at the lake (it's STILL raining here in the Pacific Northwest!!!). Missing the snow falling in the winter. Missing my family who still lives there....and I started to think about how every second I get older and more responsibility seems to seep into my life. How you only live once and I am feeling stagnant and bored.
I know those of you out there think I am always on the go, I am always busy and there is NO way I can be bored. But currently I feel like I just need something to look forward too. I need something new to focus on. I need a new challenge..... (not involving a bike thank you very much).
I need to revisit my bucket list. Do you have one? You know, a list of things you want to accomplish before you die? ....but as I sit here and think this and write this.....I am realizing everything currently on my bucket list involves much more responsibility. Much more commitment and a lot in the challenge department.
So really the question I ready?


  1. You're ready. Just remember life is a challenge with hills and valleys. Some of them are our own making and others are just part of life. Stop and smell the roses baby.

  2. Heck yeah, you're ready! Hmmmm...maybe you need a project, Hunny Bunny?
    Yeah, THAT'S what you planning a wedding?

    Your mama

  3. I agree. I think planning a wedding or elopement would be a good distraction.


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