Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting on a jet plane

I have a big bad not so secret to share. My sister knows it, I know it, and if you ever travel with me you will discover it. I CAN NOT PACK to save my life. I procrastinate, am indecisive about what I will possibly want to wear on the trip, and I always forget something.
I started my packing last night. But as you can see, there is not rhythm or reason to my bag.....and as usual it is overflowing. I sometimes empty it out and start over, sometimes I try to make a list of what I am wearing each day. But overall, it just never works out and I end up not wearing half of what I take. And like I said I always forget something. And did I say I am ONLY going for the weekend. You would think I was going to be there a week by the sight of my bag.
Oh well, just one of my little quirks that I am known for:)
Back to packing I go....count down to ride 44 hours:) EKKKK!

1 comment:

  1. Oh my. Why not just think of "take too little"? Start with the necessities, i.e. toothbrush and undies. You'll have no problem going through Security at the airport.


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