Friday, May 13, 2011

I am sad to say Number 507 didn't make it:(

I am starting a long stretch off from my big girl job, thank goodness. So my first day off I want to start plowing though a much too long do list so I can really enjoy having nothing to do.
Cleaning my house, cleaning out my car (which lately is filled with so much junk it' s like my second home), run errands, bake an order of cupcakes for a baby shower, and Saturday ride 75 miles.
So with all great intention I began my morning early with tackling the car. And while out in my driveway I kept hearing this little chirping. I followed it into my garage. After about 20mins I captured a little hurt finch with a t-shirt out of my donation pile and put him in a shoe box. His wing was hurt and he couldn't fly.
Never a dull moment here, I now had a bird to deal with. How could I not? He was so little and helpless and he was trying to pitifully fly:(
So off to the vet, I mean where else could I take it? They then directed me to the Audubon Society, which is an awesome wildlife refuge/rehabilitation center.
Off we went, house a mess, car half clean and little birdy in a converse shoe box. Did I mention I hadn't showered yet? Isn't that how it always works?
Anyways, once I got there a very nice lady volunteer took the little guy to the back to check him in. They had birds everywhere who had become permanent tenants because they weren't able to return to the wild. Each had their own little bio/resume hanging next to them...along with how much it costs to take care of them so you would feel encouraged to donate to supporting them:) There was a huge hawk named SID eating mice in one cage, and his neighbors were some love birds Jack and Lillie. Their story involved unrepairable wings a couple years ago. The woman had me fill out a questionnaire for my little feathered friend and told me he was assigned number 507. If he was treatable I could call and check on him daily.
Another woman came in with a hummingbird that had crashed into her sliding glass door.....he was 508. As I waited for 507's prognosis I began to think about how great it is there are people out there who support things like this. There was a whole community at this center just there for the birds. Mostly woman from what I could tell, and they were all so passionate about the birds. I was thinking of a name for my little finch, for when I would be calling to see how he was doing over the next couple days. I had this fantasy already brewing in my mind of how he would be released back into the world after the Audubon society had nursed him back to health.
The bird specialist girl came back out. "I'm sorry but he has a virus we can't treat, but he won't suffer and we are glad you brought him in." I was a little shocked and upset, remember I was daydreaming that I would be able to call and check on him daily:( I was ready to put the number in my phone and name him:(
Disappointed I thanked them and decided to keep a little place in my heart for the Audubon Society. I mean, how can you not have a place in your heart for bird nurses? Everybody needs a nurse, everything needs a nurse, even little birds.

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  1. You're so right. All living things need a nurse with a caring heart at some point in their life.


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