Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do I have a need for speed?

Can I just say I have always been fast. Fast to think, fast to talk, and at times a fast driver. I am one of those people who does not read directions before putting something together and I don't read things entirely but try to understand by skimming. I am busy and rush through a lot of things, this is my nature and it is not a good thing. I do not recommend this quality to anyone.

I have always been a little lead footed, speedy behind the wheel, and kind of a limit pusher with automobiles. In fact, I am embarrassed to say I received my first speeding ticket the same day I got my license:( I am not kidding, my mom kept the ticket in my photo album....which I then promptly was grounded from driving think a week.
And now my history I has continued to average about 1-2 speeding tickets every two years.

That is until this year. Which in my defense, I think the economy and the federal/state budgets are on the hunt for people like me to help fund projects and keep jobs.....I'm just saying.

I had a ticket in November and then in February. Then in my mailbox I found a nice little scary letter from the DMV stating my license is in jeopardy of suspension. This is what is said but not what I read. I just saw: SUSPENSION!!!??? I had skimmed the letter in my true Lindsey fashion. SUSPENSION?? Was all I read, oh no....this is god's way of making me ride my bike all the time. I saw the words suspension and May 5-June 15Th and all I could think was.....I guess it's good I have a bike. This is going to be a challenge but I have a bike. All in my neurotic Lindsey worst case scenario I was now mentally plotting my work routes and thinking how Mr. Big Dog could take me to the grocery store. How embarrassing!! I was also thinking how I need to slow down and this was my warning. All the while not realizing I was so panicked and hurried that I didn't even really read the letter.
So I took a deep breath and I read the letter again (if you call reading what I did the first time) without my adult ADD and read it twice slowly. I do not have a suspended license....yet. YIPPEE!! But if I get even one more ticket in the next couple months it will be. Instead I am just suspended from driving between the hours of 12am and 5am. Which I am never driving then so I should be okay.

So moral of the story, don't speed and read things slowly;) I think I will start riding my bike more though now that the weather is getting better. And lord knows I need to slow down:)

1 comment:

  1. I would have to agree that it's about time to slow things down! Plus think of how much you will save on gas!
    Knock on wood, I haven't been given a ticket yet. I almost got one once, but he recognized me from the 'Athlete of the Week' in the town newspaper so I got off! :)


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