Friday, November 15, 2013

Time changes and molars are not for the faint at heart

Funny how things you never really give much thought to can now throw my little family into a tailspin over night. We are new parents. I get it. I get it. Everything is new when it comes to little mister. I don't know anything. I am learning. I am adjusting and just when I think I know.....I get slapped with a big fat glass of 'Oh no you do not know.' And maybe that is what half the battle is. To realize you are always learning and adjusting and perfecting this dance of parenthood. Your relationship with your husband is changing, your friendships are weathering this storm of your new role, and even family who has experience with your journey firsthand through their own eyes are watching you climb this mountain.

I tried to anticipate the time change here at our home with a little preplanning. I mean, little mister likes to get up at 4am was not sounding like a good idea to anyone involved. So in this house we like to try hard and when it's hard...why not make it even harder? We thought why don't we shoot for 6am now, since 5 was even too early! Yes, yes, lets do that. The numbers penciled out and all sounded great on paper. So over a couple week period before the time change we started our mission. And yes it was working, and yes we were all adjusting and yes it was glorious.

 And then....the molar started. My poor little man at just barely 12 months (which I know every baby is different, but this is early per books and our pediatrician) he started to get his first gigantic molar.

Up all night on and off, despite Motrin and mommy to soothe him. Dragged into bed with mommy and daddy at 5am to try to just get a little more sleep before the day begins. And then all day crankiness, fussiness and clinginess. Poor little man. His sleep schedule was a mess. He was a mess. And then the seas parted and the tooth seems to crown through. He was tired enough to sleep though the night and his naps during the day were marathon like in length. He was happy again. And all was good in the hood. He was back to himself. We started to get our sea legs back with schedules and bedtimes. It was settling out and my confidence in this motherhood gig was being reaffirmed.  I was thinking, " whew that was close but I did it, we survived the molar," " but many do you have? 4 molars? And this was just one. Oh no, when will the others come?

The second has started with 2 other side teeth on the bottom aka his lateral incisors.....back on the roller coaster we go. But at least I know the ride and I know the end will be here at some point.
So again....... this life, this moral to the story of parenthood, of motherhood.....I don't know anything.

I think my motto continues to be "roll with the punches".... or should I say "roll with the molars."
What else can you do? God only gives you as much as you can handle at a time.....but really more than one molar at a time would have been preferred:)
I envy so many mothers who say they couldn't even tell their littles were getting teeth....we feel them here loud and clear and by we I mean everyone under this roof:)  

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