Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall is almost over and winter is coming

It's pouring outside right now, winter is showing herself pretty loudly this morning. I like this time of the year for chowders, baked breads and spaghetti dinners. I like lighting candles and wearing my slippers almost all day long. I love lazy weekend mornings with breakfast together as a family. It's just nice.

What's not so nice is Little Mister has been getting 3 new teeth this past week and a half and one of which was a molar:( Poor baby, not sleeping good and just not himself. And just went I started to think the fussy upset sleep deprivation wasn't going to did. He is sleeping soundly now for his morning nap as I write this. His feet sticking through the railings on his red crib. He cuddles with his favorite blanket that I need to order a second one of because frankly it is already starting to smell like little boy no matter how many times I wash it.

He's sweet. This season is sweet. Winter is coming and our calendar is full to the max from now through the new year.

I can't even remember my life before this. What did I do? I know I was not half the person and that I didn't have half the happiness for sure. Even at it's worst, I can say it's the best thing ever.

Little baby number two is a mover and shaker like her/his brother for sure. It likes to put on a show usually in the afternoon. Mr. Big Dog has felt it a couple times and little mister thinks it's funny to point to the belly and say "bay" which he also does to himself.

Off to do as much as I can before he gets back up for round two of playing, reading books and running through the house:)

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