Sunday, June 23, 2013

A lot of firsts and some lasts....

I was talking with another "first timer" (also know as newbie mommy) the other day and as we exchanged all of our worries, frets and most importantly our excitement over our new little guys firsts.
First smiles for her, first longer periods of sleep, first fussy afternoons for who knows what reason, etc. And my little bossman's first stair climbing, climbing up on EVERYTHING, and maybe just maybe a little sign language he didn't even know he was doing:) Wishful mommy here;)
As we talked I started to realize all of his firsts are bittersweet. Some of them are the turning point of many of his lasts.
His time he used his "recliner" (the bouncy chair), the last time I breastfed him, the last time he even squealed at our Big doggie because now the novelty has worn off and he's become part of the decor, the last time he played with certain toys......every single day he is growing and changing. We celebrated his mimicking MAMA last night at dinner and he is loving trying every kind of big people real food we eat. But there is this little part of me that cringes as he grows so fast. Just like everyone said it would happen I know I will blink and he'll be in kindergarden.
I cherish all of his first but I am also cherishing so many little lasts. He is growing up just like he is suppose to:) My little baby is becoming a little boy before my eyes. He's still cuddly and sweet and wants his mama only sometimes, but he's all boy with banging wooden spoons on bowls and waiting till you turn your back for just a second for him to B-line it to the stairs and see how far he can get before you catch him.
He even makes playful eyes at you as you chase him up the few stairs he has conquered:)  His personality continues to grow and shine through for everyone to see. I think I'll keep him for sure:)


  1. such a cute picture of them!

  2. It does go by too fast. The next time I will seem he will be 1. That is crazy!


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