Thursday, August 25, 2011

Smaller than a bread box

Well if you know me, you know I can be immature and I think I am hilarious sometimes. Yesterday just happen to be one of those days. I was at the dollar store and I found these little matchbox cars.
Now, Mr. Big Dog and I have been talking about the kind of car I dream about for awhile. One of my besties has one and his good friend has a car dealership that has them often. Yes, I like the BMW X3 and X5s. They are sporty but nice and I have never had a BMW which is kind of a little fantasy for me. So as I found this little X3 matchbox car I just had to buy it.

I was thinking "what can I do with this?" So here's how it played out via phone call.
Me: "I tried to call you earlier for some serious advice and you didn't answer. So I took matters into my own hands:) I have a surprise for you:)"
Mr. Big Dog aka MBD: "oh really;) is it smaller than a bread box?"
Me: "yes"
MBD: "hum....give me another clue"
Me: "I've wanted one for awhile, it has four doors and its parked in the driveway:)"
MBD: (now this is a little panic-y......."did you buy a car?"
Me: "I'm not giving you any more hints:) when are you coming home? You can see it then."
MBD: (being a smart smart man) "you said it was smaller than a bread box, it can't be a it a car?"- now he is really uncomfortable and probably thinking he is engaged to a nutcase who goes and buys and expensive car without any input from her future husband.
Me: ( trying not to laugh the entire time) "Just come home and it's in the driveway:) I can't wait for you to see it!" Meanwhile I took the little matchbox BMW and placed it next to my car outside.
MBD then called me back twice before pulling into the driveway begging for more clues. As he pulled in I could see his face was relieved to not see any form of a car. After walking back out on the driveway he found my little dream car;)
He came in laughing, and I was already rolling. I thought I was pretty funny:) And then proceeded to call my sister and mom just to brag at my hilariousness. So I now own a little silver, 4 door, BMW X3;) Sorry for the pic twice, not having a great computer morning:)

1 comment:

  1. Yep, you're too funny. Hopefully, the real one will be sooner than later.


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