Sunday, December 8, 2013

Why I love Pinterest

This year I have a 13 month old to share Christmas with, which is so awesome. As our little family is beginning to start our own new traditions and try to incorporate come old ones from each side into our annual rotation. I realized for the past 5 or so years I really love to send out Christmas cards with pictures.
Prior to Mr. Big Dog and I, my cards had a picture of my dogs or house. But now that we have a little mister it is a great time to show off how much he's grown over the past year to family and friends near and far.
So I've been keeping my eyes open to ideas on Pinterest for this year's holiday card......
I came across this photo on Pinterest

Here's the link you get on pinterest when you click on the photo: give credit where credit is due:)

And then we did our own version which little mister really hammed it up for as you can see:)

He seriously loves this little car he got from his cousins for his first big birthday:)

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