Thursday, December 15, 2011

The beans are spilled, I'm officially Mrs. Big Dog

So, I've been a little MIA because I just couldn't think or write a word without spilling the beans.
You see, when Mr. Big Dog asked me for forever, I screamed YES from the rooftop. Yes to being with him for all my life and yes to being is other half. But the more we talked wedding plans, the more my stomach knotted and all plans seemed overwhelming and expensive. Not to mention all for show, and not really for us. Don't get me wrong I love a beautiful wedding, (hell I've had one and so had he) but I don't necessarily like being the center of attention with planning and then the build up of it all. And Mr. Big Dog had the same feelings. We wanted our marriage beginning to be just about that, marriage and forever. We thought why not make a fun memory to boot? We wanted to be married, but not so keen on putting on a big show for it with months of planning and cash.

So after talking and lots of back and forth a plan was devised.

What if we planned something but didn't tell the guests? What if we could have our cake and eat it too? Not an elopement but also not something everyone knew about?

IT WOULD BE we started to plan and scheme.

We wanted it very small and intimate with all the closest people in our lives possible attending. Knowing that it would not be possible for everyone to attend that we would love to have there in our perfect fantasy celebration and still keep the secret part (sorry to those of you out there, but know we would have had everyone possible if you lived nearby, were here on the exact date, and could have been fooled into attending).

We knew it may not go over well for everyone, but we were willing to take the chance. Take a chance and hopefully have a fun surprise for everyone:)

We told white lies to everyone. All the family was cohered to thinking it was "just" a family dinner for both sides to meet and get to know one another. Others thought it was a surprise party for my mom turning double nickels. And even some thought it was a charity fundraiser for my sister's African cause with an auction planned.

We hated all the white lies and even started to get confused ourselves, and as the date grew closer and closer we avoided people more and more as to not let on what we were really doing.

So on December 17th, 2011 we said I DO with our family, some close friends and beautiful Multanomah Falls in the backdrop.

The looks on every one's face was priceless, we got our cake and ate it too, and I am now a wife to I think possibly the best man on the planet (sorry ladies he's now mine:) ).

I will have pictures very soon from our photographer and maybe even a knew banner in the works too.

More to come, but I had to let you all in on where I've been:)

P.S My mom's face was the best!!!


  1. OMG....that is sooooo exciting!! I am so happy for you. I checked out your mom's page and you were absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! I love your dress and overcoat! A big congrats to you and your new life!!

  2. It was a truly wonderful day that I will never forget! I am so very happy for both of you and we are all so thrilled to have Matt officially as a part of our family!
    Your Mama

  3. Just couldn't fool grandma though. I kept my suspicions to myself and enjoyed every minute. Your wedding was absolutely wonderful and God gave his blessings with beautiful weather.

  4. I am a faithful reader of your mother's blog and I wanted to congratulate you and your husband on your wedding, which was absolutely beautiful! Congratulations again!

  5. Congratulations to you both! What a great looking couple, and a beautiful wedding (saw your pics on your mom's site). Now you need to update your header photo!


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