Monday, March 14, 2011

Shamrocking it!

Well I have been doing a lot of biking as you all know, but as for running there has not been too much room for it. I had signed up for the 8k (5miles) Shamrock run in downtown Portland forever ago. It has been weighing on me that I have not been training as well as I could/should. I mean, I have to admit I did have a little bit of the thought of "if I can ride 40 miles on a bike, what's 5 miles running?" Boy oh boy was I wrong. THEY ARE NOTHING THE SAME! I ran last Tuesday two miles and thought I was going to die. Not my breathing but my legs. They were like concrete (which I have talked about before here). This just put me into further panic. OH MY! I am supposed to run 5 miles on Sunday after 3 days straight of working. And it's my first run with Mr. Big Dog (who is an awesome athlete/runner) and I didn't want him to think I was slow:( I mean I wanted to impress him just a little with my amateur running skills:) So I was a little stressed about the run to say the least.
So yesterday was the day. 8:05 with the the time change in the pouring rain, downtown Portland with 30,000 other people. Literally 30,000 people where there for the run. It was packed!
I am further amazed at the power of the mind. My mind especially lately. I mean it was tough tough tough, I was tired and cold. I was exhausted from my week of work, mixed with not training the way I have in the past for running. Off we went, and it was a struggle mentally. But I was not going to give up, I said I was going to do this run and I was going to finish if I died trying.
All said and done I thought it was probably my slowest run ever. But after the results were in I actually did 10 minute miles....5 of them! The 5 is what really proves it's mental. I mean I haven't run 5 miles since Hood to Coast last year. And here I just jumped out of bed and did it. So if you are a runner or have anything you are trying for physically. I am telling you it is all in your head. You may not do it as fast as you would like, but you can do it! Especially if you tell someone you are going to do it.....I think it puts that sometimes needed pressure on you to keep your word:)

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  1. Boy, this couldn't come at a better time for me. I am a beginner runner training for H2C this year (yes, I said training 5 months before the event)! My husband is a marathoner and tells me the same thing, running is 99% mental! ~Tammy


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